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Poetry and chivalry

A few French poets of the 16th Century :

- Antoine HEROËT

Heart prisoner, I told you so

Heart prisoner, I told you so,
Seeing that you are no longer mine
Had I been in the direction to hear from you ...
I guess that might have to wait or
That so bad happened to so great a good?
Puisqu'ainsi is, I'll keep you happy
To be arrested in connection noble,
As long as you want it to
Heart prisoner.

But if you leave, so do remember,
And if know love nothing elsewhere;
And who will die who go;
She and I would be too much to take,
But again, that the more you own,
Heart prisoner.


- Marguerite de Navarre (1492-1549)

- Épitaph

If death is only separation
On the soul and body, and that knowledge
God is acquired by elevation
On the mind, body, leaving alliance
Between life and death difference
Marguerite none can be,
Except that, dead, a perfect science
That, alive, would have liked to know.

- Sacred love? Profane love?

I have long felt in my heart
Love to you if I wore very strong,
So honest and so full of honor
Qu'oncques no heart not felt this way;
But now that both comforts me,
Although I feel my love live
Yours is so great and so naive
The feeling that confirms my faith
I am fearful to have the election
If this is love to you or me.

- The comedy of the Desert

As you were, Lord, just as you are,
And this will be without end forever:
Very gracious and sweet to your faithful,
Very rough and hard and just all bad,
Which are still sinning out of malice,
Without hope in the shadow of your wings.


- Joachim du Bellay

Happy is he who, like Ulysses, has made a great trip,
Or as cestuy then who conquered the fleece,
And then returned, full of purpose and reason,
Living in his parents the rest of his age!

When shall I see, alas, my village
Smoking chimney, and in what season
Will I see the ending of my poor house
To me a province, and much more?

More What I like living my ancestors built,
As Roman palaces forehead bold
More than marble hard I enjoy the slate fine:

Plus my Gallic Loire, that the Tiber Latin,
Plus my little read, that the Palatine Hill,
And most of the mild sea air Anjou.


- Jacques DAVY DU PERRON (1555-1618)

Since it takes now I extinguish my flame
Since it takes now I extinguish my flame,
Alone and cruel remedy, with the water with my tears,
And to tear the thorns of the soul
I also deprives me of the heart roses and flowers,

Get out of my mind, thoughts full of delights,
Dear, gentle care that the state is changed,
An unjust contempt converts torture,
I opened the door and gives you leave.

With your words and your feigned flattering idols
Constancy and faith, without being able to deities,
Which sound so often disguised his words,
What lover would have been easy to disappoint?

I swear his heart, whose flames have died,
Fire lit by a beautiful sigh night and day,
And branches of myrtle, embraces a thousand kinds,
Burned with mine the altar of Love

Call me his triumph and glory fatal
And many other sweet names chosen to force me,
Unworthy to come out of true courage
Where so sudden after oblivion has been housed,

Farewell, good eye bright, clear flame of armed,
Superb king of hearts crown of rays,
Whose luster offends me to force me please,
And too much happiness makes me unhappy,

You will see me no more swimming in my own tears
To have felt the fire of thine eyes:
Time against your face will give me weapons,
And the absence and forgetfulness your recap darts.

Farewell constant links wills slaves
Blond hair, gold thread, restless wave,
That captures the courage of the bravest pride,
And the knots of love stop their plans.

Farewell mouth of carnations and red roses,
Who ever breathe a graceful spring,
Where a thousand loves flit like bees,
Picking the beauty of your delicious honey.

Goodbye hand lilies and pearls imitate
Beautiful and cruel hand that I extend my charms miles,
And letters of blood with iron written
Traces in my heart to stop my death.

Farewell fertile source of my mind laments,
Farewell streaming charms of which I was delighted:
Venom against the soft caresses of feints
The sovereign remedy is unbelief.

But nay, my all, what takes me trouble,
Winners of your beautiful eyes want to break the law,
And break so many nodes whose embrace is so strong,
As if my will was still in me?

No no it's a mistake, the love that possesses me
Can not be tamed by time and see by reason
The only death that gives all desire
Carries in his hands the keys of my prison.

Farewell donques yourself farewell full of daring,
Farewell designs light and nonsense,
Deserve to be punished with a just disgrace
If excess of love you had not pushed.


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